Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jr. Livestock Show & Sale

Thank you to everyone that supported the Morgan County Jr. Livestock Sale!!

Grand Champion Steer (right)
Exhibitor - Marissa Morgan
Buyer - Atkinson Power

Reserve Champion Steer (left)
Exhibitor - Brittany Morgan
Buyer - ICORR Technologies

Senior Grand Champion Showman:  Eli Porter
Senior Reserve Champion Showman:  Brittany Morgan

Intermediate Grand Champion Showman:  Garrett Matthews
Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman:  Marcie Stapley

Junior Grand Champion Showman:  Jackson Woolsey
Junior Reserve Champion Showman:  Lyndsee Wardell

Grand Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Jackson Woolsey
Reserve Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Marissa Morgan

Grand Champion Lamb (left)
Exhibitor - Bailee Wright
Buyer - Peterson Machine

Reserve Champion Lamb (right)
Exhibitor - Sydnee Wixom
Buyer - Peterson Machine

Senior Grand Champion Showman:  Sydnee Wixom
Senior Reserve Champion Showman:  Rashel Blazzard

Intermediate Grand Champion Showman:  Lisa Blazzard
Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman:  Ethon Dorrity

Junior Grand Champion Showman:  Janel Blazzard
Junior Reserve Champion Showman:  Ryder Lish

Grand Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Charlee Peterson
Reserve Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Lisa Blazzard 

Grand Champion Hog
Exhibitor - Paige Gleason
Buyer - Center Point Construction

Reserve Champion Hog
Exhibitor - Hannah Clark
Buyer - Andersen Foundation

Senior Grand Champion Showman:  Shayli Kilmer
Senior Reserve Champion Showman:  Ellissa Clark

Intermediate Grand Champion Showman:  Gage Thornton
Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman:  Ashlynn Dawson

Junior Grand Champion Showman:   Taylor Porter
Junior Reserve Champion Showman:  Isaac Peterson

Grand Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Rory Mikesell
Reserve Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Madisen Porter 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Morgan County 4-H Service Club

ANNOUNCING… the Morgan County 4-H Service Club!! 

WHO: All 4-H youth 6th to 12th grade

WHAT: Join us as we serve our community.  Not only will you be able to participate in some awesome service activities and make some great friends, you’ll be able to add all that service to your portfolios, record books, NHS, scholarship applications, job resumes, and college applications! 

WHEN/WHERE: Our first meeting will be Thursday June 26th at 2:00 pm at the Courthouse Auditorium.  Our first summer community-wide service project will be held on Tuesday, July 1st and will include preparations for the fair. Come to the meeting to learn more!

WHY: We will have a Service Club Party on Monday, August 18th at Lagoon!  Members of the 4-H Service Club who complete 25 hours of service this summer will get their Lagoon ticket paid for!! Come see what we’ve got in store! 

Questions? Call us! 801-829-3472

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Summer Camps

Youth must be enrolled in 4-H to participate.  This is done online at, detailed instructions can be found online at 
Registration will not be completed until payment has been received!
Online payment option is provided for your convenience, in order to provide this convenience there is a small fee added to each registration made through the site:
Offline payment options
1.Bring cash or check to the 4-H Office
2.Mail check to the office:
Morgan County 4-H, PO BOX 886, Morgan 84050
3.Pay in the office with a credit card for an additional fee.

Horse - Spring Show Trail Pattern

Spring Show Pattern for all age groups!

Reminder show is May 31 @ 8:00 AM, pre-registration will be available online at 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Horse Show Dates

Spring Show - May 31 @ 8:00 a.m.

Summer Show - June 28 @ 8:00 a.m.

Fair Show - July 25 @ 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 Important Dates for Livestock

Lambs: Contact Bob or Jen Wixom or Brian House to get your lambs tags.  All Lambs must be tagged before the June Show.

Hogs: Contact Stan Larsen, Brady Peterson, or Jeff Francis to get your hogs tagged.  All hogs must be tagged by May 15th.

Steers: All steers should be tagged by now.  If yours is not contact Jason and Rhonda Morgan.

Lambs: May 6Th @ 6:00 at the Fairgrounds (do not bring your animals)
Hogs: May 7th @ 6:00 at the Fairgrounds (do not bring your animals)
Steers: May 15th @ 5:00 at the Fairgrounds (if you want to bring your steer you can)
These workshops are very important this year.  If you cannot attend your scheduled workshop you must contact your species chairman!

You need to register for the June show by May 29th.  If you are not registered by that date you will be charged a $20.00 per exhibitor late fee to register.

We will be setting up for the June show on Thursday June 5th at 7:00.  We would like everyone to be there.  

June Show weigh in starts at 7:00 am on June 7th for the steers and lambs.  The hogs will not be bringing their animals to the show; but they will be required to be there by 10:00 a.m. in show attire. 

Watch your email in the next few weeks for your June Show Booklet for all rules and regulations for this years show!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4-H Enrollment

Morgan County 4-H is excited to offer 4-H members, volunteers and families a more accessible way to register for 4-H.  4-H Online will make re-registering every year a faster and easier process.
Everyone who participates in 4-H needs to be enrolled!!  To register, go to
If you participated in 4-H in the previous year you should have an account already set up.  Use the email address you would have registered with and request a new password to get started.
To get started, each 4-H Family will need to set up a family account.  Once that is completed you can add family members to your account (this is where you will add clubs and projects)  
Once your online enrollment is complete, you have a few options to pay the $4 fee.  All youth grades 3-12 enrolling in the 4-H program are asked to pay a $4 fee.  Fees are used to cover accident insurance as well as program support materials.  In order for your child's enrollment on to be complete, we must receive the $4 fee.
Horse 4-H youth pay a $5 fee.  $1.00 for extra insurance coverage. 
The following options are available to pay the fee:
Online Option
This online payment option is provided for your convenience - in order to provide this convenience there is a $1.21 fee added to each registration made throught this site.  Horse 4-H youth there is a $1.27 fee added to each registration.
Offline Option
1)  Bring cash or check to the 4-H Office at 48 West Young Street, Courthouse, Morgan ($4/youth) ($5/horse youth)
2)  **OPTION COMING SOON**Bring credit card to the office ($0.15 fee)  NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW
3)  Mail check to the office (PO BOX 886, Morgan)
4-H enrollment fees are valid from October 2013 - September 2014.  Enrollment (including fees paid) must be completed prior to any club or exhibition/competition activity.