Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Jr. Livestock Important Information

Welcome back to Morgan Co. Jr. Livestock.  We are really excited about the livestock program this year.  Here is some important information and dates we wanted to make you aware of early!!

To be an exhibitor in the Jr. Livestock Program: 
  1. You have to be 8 yrs old and in the 3rd grade by October 1, 2014.
  2. You need to be registered for 4H or FFA by April 1, 2015. There will be a late fee of $25/exhibitor that registers after April 1, 2015. You will not be able to register for 4H or FFA after the tag in date. Tag in dates will be determined by species chairmen. You can register for 4H @ $4.00 per exhibitor. You can pay online at, mail a check to PO BOX 886, Morgan 84050, cc over the phone @ 801-829-3472 or stop in the Extension Office.
  3. When you are registering please select which species that you are signing up for.
Please watch your email for more important dates and information to come. The Livestock Committee have been working on some exciting ways to provide more education. We look forward to working with you over the next several months. If you have any questions please contact us or your species chairmen.

Eric Turner: 801-710-1753
Kim Turner: 801-781-0337

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jr. Livestock Show & Sale

Thank you to everyone that supported the Morgan County Jr. Livestock Sale!!

Grand Champion Steer (right)
Exhibitor - Marissa Morgan
Buyer - Atkinson Power

Reserve Champion Steer (left)
Exhibitor - Brittany Morgan
Buyer - ICORR Technologies

Senior Grand Champion Showman:  Eli Porter
Senior Reserve Champion Showman:  Brittany Morgan

Intermediate Grand Champion Showman:  Garrett Matthews
Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman:  Marcie Stapley

Junior Grand Champion Showman:  Jackson Woolsey
Junior Reserve Champion Showman:  Lyndsee Wardell

Grand Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Jackson Woolsey
Reserve Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Marissa Morgan

Grand Champion Lamb (left)
Exhibitor - Bailee Wright
Buyer - Peterson Machine

Reserve Champion Lamb (right)
Exhibitor - Sydnee Wixom
Buyer - Peterson Machine

Senior Grand Champion Showman:  Sydnee Wixom
Senior Reserve Champion Showman:  Rashel Blazzard

Intermediate Grand Champion Showman:  Lisa Blazzard
Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman:  Ethon Dorrity

Junior Grand Champion Showman:  Janel Blazzard
Junior Reserve Champion Showman:  Ryder Lish

Grand Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Charlee Peterson
Reserve Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Lisa Blazzard 

Grand Champion Hog
Exhibitor - Paige Gleason
Buyer - Center Point Construction

Reserve Champion Hog
Exhibitor - Hannah Clark
Buyer - Andersen Foundation

Senior Grand Champion Showman:  Shayli Kilmer
Senior Reserve Champion Showman:  Ellissa Clark

Intermediate Grand Champion Showman:  Gage Thornton
Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman:  Ashlynn Dawson

Junior Grand Champion Showman:   Taylor Porter
Junior Reserve Champion Showman:  Isaac Peterson

Grand Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Rory Mikesell
Reserve Champion Carcass Exhibitor - Madisen Porter 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Morgan County 4-H Service Club

ANNOUNCING… the Morgan County 4-H Service Club!! 

WHO: All 4-H youth 6th to 12th grade

WHAT: Join us as we serve our community.  Not only will you be able to participate in some awesome service activities and make some great friends, you’ll be able to add all that service to your portfolios, record books, NHS, scholarship applications, job resumes, and college applications! 

WHEN/WHERE: Our first meeting will be Thursday June 26th at 2:00 pm at the Courthouse Auditorium.  Our first summer community-wide service project will be held on Tuesday, July 1st and will include preparations for the fair. Come to the meeting to learn more!

WHY: We will have a Service Club Party on Monday, August 18th at Lagoon!  Members of the 4-H Service Club who complete 25 hours of service this summer will get their Lagoon ticket paid for!! Come see what we’ve got in store! 

Questions? Call us! 801-829-3472